Top 5 Travel Wish List


What can I say? China is a culturally-rich country with so much to offer. To be specific, I wish to visit the Great Wall, Zhangjiajie, and Zhangye National Geopark. No, the crazy images you see on google are not real, they are definitely photoshopped, but the real “rainbow” mountains still have a unique color-palette. The above, from Wikipedia, looks so much more accurate. 


One day, my love – Wikipedia 

I’m talking sandunes, Deadvlei, and Kolmanskoppe. Namibia has some of the strangest landscapes I’ve ever seen: I cannot miss out of these amazing places! Of course, I’m not well-seasoned enough to travel there yet (nor can I afford it). 


Atlas Obscura

Machu Picchu, Pisac, Moray, Lima, the amazon, and another rainbow mountain! This one is legitimate, there’s plenty of video evidence. This is my favorite video about this particular mountain.



I don’t have a long-list of things to do here. I’m not entirely sure what I will want to do, besides some of the obvious attractions. I am hoping to explore my heritage more. What form that goal takes is unknown to me at this point in time. 



Japan is a very popular place to visit for so many reasons. The cities are amazing, the culture is so distinct, and the nature is beautiful. Again, I don’t know exactly what I will do here, but I an very excited to go one day. One of my family members lived in Japan, so she will be my “tour guide” (and she speaks the language, bonus!) 

I think the best part about this list is that I have no actual travel plans for any of these places! Japan is the most likely to happen in the next two years. Many are somewhat expensive to visit, potentially dangerous, or both. I’m learning to walk before I run!

What are you top 5 places to visit? Let me know! 


Check out my travel map for my entire wishlist