I wasn’t ready…

Today is another non-post. I hate making these filler-type posts, but when you’re barely functioning it becomes difficult to get anything done. Schoolwork? Barely. Hygiene? By necessity only. Blog posts? Wait…I have a blog? Oh yeah!

Having ideas is a curse and a blessing. Coming up with good ideas is hard for many people. One fear for content creators is running out of content. The reader or audience can tell when content lacks the substance they’re used to receiving from a particular creator. However, running out of ideas isn’t as terrible as having ideas that will never be executed. That’s the category I find myself falling into. For example, Halloween is my favorite holiday by a longshot. But I am struggling to create content. I have ideas but I don’t have time or motivation to execute these ideas. Also, my last post didn’t do so well, and most of my posts were going to be easy Halloween-related headband crafts.

Why? Because I wasn’t ready. I didn’t prep my ideas in September, in fact, my blog was abandoned for most of that month. Here we are, almost half way through the month and I don’t have time (or I’m not making time) to execute my content. I’m sure many, many bloggers can relate. How many of us have posted tags (which, let’s be real, are really filler) in order to get a post up? How many of us have ideas that will never see the light of day? I didn’t want to fall into that category, but here I am, less than a year of making my blog and I’m going nowhere fast.

Once that realization comes about, I have to ask myself a question: Do I continue? Or is blogger not meant for me? Will this become another project in my life that I walked away from too soon? Or am I supposed to walk away? There’s no way to know the answer. But before you say anything, I have no intention of giving up this blog. I did, in fact, pay for a premium plan, so I do owe it to myself to blog for at least another year. I had to post this in order to communicate my feelings.

I don’t have a conclusion for this post. I don’t have a lesson to share. I haven’t learned anything. I’m a person struggling to keep myself together, and by extension, the blog is failing. I wonder if I will pull all this off. I wonder if it will be worth it in the long run. All I know is that having this blog makes me happy, and aside from the money I spent, that’s about all that keeps me going. I hope it’s enough.


PS: Do you like the new theme/layout/etc? Let me know!

10 thoughts on “I wasn’t ready…”

  1. I actually think this is one of your more meaningful posts. Since my idea of fashion is whatever my wife buys me, and I’d rather get the flu than go to a craft fair, I don’t always relate to the fashion/craft posts. This one, though, I completely understand.
    I think a lot of your answers will be found in the question of how personal you want your blog to be. My “followed blog” list is full of people who had an idea for a site, grew tired of the theme and walked away. Others evolved. I think you’re at a crossroads. Do you want to share more of yourself with us or just the occasional art/fashion project?
    I think my blog was an evolution. I started it just to market my book at first, but once it leveled off, I had to expand. Only recently have I started writing more personal things that aren’t directly tied to its stated theme.
    I’ve noticed a drop in my stats from the summer months to now. I don’t know exactly what to pin that on, but I’d rather have 37 people reading something that I know they are paying attention to rather than 89 just hitting the like button so they hope I hit theirs. That’s the social media side of blogging I don’t like. There is no more validation in 4 likes or 40. As long as you like it, that’s all that matters.
    I hope you’ll keep blogging as I like your honesty and dry sense of humor, but if you don’t, that’s cool, too. Do what feels right.

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    1. See art is a part of my life though. I love it. It makes me happy. I love fashion too. I just want my blog to be about who I am and what I like doing. I don’t want to be restricted to only travel content, because I don’t travel as much as I’d need to pull that off.


  2. I am with Joshua on this one…it seems you are arrived at a crossroad. Choose what you want the blog to be and just go for it. I love the crafts ideas, although I rarely follow through on crafts others show me. I like the kinds of blog where there are lots of easy to follow along instructions for a craft or art, but I also like the more personal it’s-all-about-me blogs. Whichever way you go it should be a joy for you and not another job that needs doing.
    Try asking yourself, what if zero people follow me? Would I still write? What if people only want crafts? will a change in the amount of followers bother me, or do i simply want more one on one conversations at the end of my posts. think through what you really want from it. Sometimes walking away is the right thing to do, even if you have paid for a premium…sometimes it is the worst thing you could do.

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    1. I think I just have to keep doing what I want to do. The more crafts and projects I do the more ideas I get. I can’t ignore that part of my life even if it doesn’t get me very much attention. When you’re an artist, if I dare call myself that, you get this urge to create no matter what. I have to listen to what I want to do or blogging will be a chore and not a passion.

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  3. This is so relatable!
    Don’t worry if you need to take a few days to recharge yourself. Everyone needs time to look after themselves when things get rough.
    I’ve had a massive drop in views from the summer until now. Yeah, it’s pretty disheartening, but the few people who DO read my stuff now are far more likely to enjoy what I write and appreciate new content, rather than a hundred people just spam-liking my posts so I’ll hopefully reciprocate and meet their ‘like’ targets. That’s not what I’m blogging for. So long as you can write about something you deeply enjoy, readers will definitely appreciate that genuine passion for a subject you love!
    Take all the breaks you need. We’ll still be here when you return. 😀

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    1. Same, my viewership has gone down even though my followers has increased. I don’t need to be famous, I just don’t want to be screaming into a void constantly. It makes me feel alone.


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