DIY Tropigoth HeadBand: Knurly Crafts

Surprise! It may not be summer anymore, however, I figured I would post this tutorial in the spirit of Halloween. I picked up these knarly pineapple decorations from a thrift store. They’re made of a rubbery material and are more suited for home decor, but I couldn’t help myself. Initially I was going to have a two-pineapple headband, almost like wearing cat-ears or puff balls. However, it was too overwhelming, even for me, so I decided to make two separate headbands.

I’ll just apologize for the sub-par photos. When I get a creative streak, it’s usually past 10pm and the lighting is no bueno.

What you’ll need:

  • Pineapples. Here’s an alternative I found on amazon. Yes, it’s pretty ugly – but that’s why we’re going to paint it. It’s a bit smaller (12-14 centimeters including the leaves) WHICH IS RECOMMENDED. My Pineapples are a bit too large. (8 centimeters tall (body only) and 18-20 including the leaves)
  • Acrylic Paint – can be bought cheap from craft stores and WalMart.
  • Brushes. Again, cheap WalMart brushes will suffice.
  • Hard headband. 8 pack from amazon. 
  • Hot glue gun – you might be able to get away with using e-6000 or something of the like.
  • Felt (maybe)  – I had to use felt because the bottom of my Pineapple was not flat.
  • Bobby pins (for securing the headband to your hair if it is a bit heavy)

Here’s a couple design options: I did the middle and left.


Step 1: If you an remove the stem, do so now. Paint your pineapple(s)/ leaves a solid black for the base.

I used this 99 cent paint from WalMart.

Let dry.

Step 2: Adding the gold (or silver). At first, it turned out like this, and I was not happy:

So I “dry brushed” it, meaning – I wiped the paint off the brush before placing it in the crevices. That way only a little bit rubbed off on the pineapple, creating the “gold leaf” effect I wanted. I did the same thing to the other pineapple I painted.

Step 3: Glue your pineapple to your headband. If the bottom is not flat, you’ll have to add some felt (or something of the like) to fill in the gap. The goal is to maximize the surface areas touching. I cut some squares of felt and hot glued them in two layers to the bottom of my pineapple.

Step 4: Now that the base is more flat, I can glue it to my headband.

First glue the bottom to the headband. Next, add glue to either side of the base. Since the pineapple is standing up, you don’t want it to pull to either side and rip off the headband. Adding hot glue to either side at the base will cement the object in place.

Paint over glue to blend it into the headband/pineapple. It’s hard to see, so I circled it.

Optional: add other flowers and leaves to your headband. I may do this in the future, but for now…

Step 5: Let dry and you’re finished! Now you can have your partner model your ridiculous creations and take embarrassing photos of yourself.

I’m happy to announce this is one of many crafts for the Halloween season. Stay tuned!


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