I’m going to delete this post after I finally finish other things I am working on. But hello everyone, it’s KKKKKKNNNURRLLLYYY, sitting at home sick. Dying. Not really. Maybe a little.

Anyway, I’ve been busy and sick lately, hence the lack of posts. I’m trying to push out more content soon. Also, since the community pool is over (whhyyy) I feel like I’ve lost a good opportunity to generate some traffic so I am exploring other avenues. I love the people who regularly read and comment on my blog, but I’d like to get even more feedback.

Something I’ve read over and over is that a blog isn’t just about what you want to write, it’s about making content that others want to read. I don’t want to go too far down that road, after all, that happens to Youtubers all the time and then they come out with videos explaining that they basically hate their channel. Doesn’t sound too fun. Regardless, there’s a relationship between the author and the reader. In WordPress it’s often a community relationship. I want more of that! Jeeze, this post is already getting length and I’ve done nothing but ramble. So to rap it up (because my head is POUNDING) I’ll see you soon! And thank you for reading, it does really mean a lot to me.