I’ll admit, I have somewhat of a fascination with these strange “internet” subculture styles. Sea punk, health goth, tropigoth, and space grunge are all prime examples of these subcultures. They seem to primarily exist on Tumblr and Pinterest boards, with an occasional article about their existence appearing on some major news network, or a popular Hollywood celebrity incorporating the theme into a performance or music video. But surely there’s someone somewhere living a Sea Punk life day-to-day, right? No? Maybe?

Here’s the thing: I LOVE some of these ideas. The phrase “sea punk” excites me, though, I’m not a big fan of the execution. Also, I cannot believe there’s a Wiki for “aesthetics.” People have been labeling clothing styles for…well, a very long time. We don’t necessarily need labels for the way we dress, nor do we need to conform to any label. However, when you’re like me and you’re in love with concepts, these phrases become very exciting. They’re creative, and yes, maybe a bit silly at times. But I really love creating outfits as if they were a costume. In short, it’s fun to play dress up.

Therefore, enjoy my wanna-be #tropigoth outfit, and let’s play today’s game! (you should know I love doing OOTD’s with games). 

In the comments below, invent your own “aesthetic,” if you will.

What about pastel post-apocalyptic? Nordic nu-goth? What about space preppy? Think Clueless but with galaxy hues and aliens. What about Where’s Waldo – a style in which you dress up as different people in Where’s Waldo books and as Waldo on Sundays? No? Too far? I think that would be fun.

Like I said, I love conceptual clothing and styles, and this post isn’t to be a dick to people who may wear these styles – even if my tone is facetious at best. It’s just strange to me how these new styles are formed (often tied to music), rise, fall, and sometimes drift away. I wonder why people decide to take up these styles – is it for the music? For “aesthetics?” Or do they simple enjoy the style and experimentation?

Here’s some stuff to get you started: space, tropical, sea, ocean, witch, post-apocalyptic, post-modern, renaissance, vintage, retro, exotic, minimalist, sporty, festival, preppy, geometric, upstyle, elegant, goth, punk, nu goth, disco, urban, core, cowboy, flapper, rock-a-billy, grunge, metal.



P.S. sorry for shit-quality photos, sometimes the lighting just doesn’t work out.