Weather Confusion

Hey, hi, hello.

Fun fact: I love thrifting, cause I’m cheap but I love shopping. A particular Goodwill near me runs a $1 special on two tag colors every Sunday. All items – clothing, shoes, accessories, housewares and furniture – are included in the special, including something undeniably fabulous…


Naturally I decided to take photos in the 80-degree weather, but don’t worry, I found a way to make it more appropriate:

Right, did I mention this was ONE DOLLAR!?

I don’t give a single flying fuck that it’s summer…this coat was coming home with me. To celebrate this wonderful find, I’ve compiled a photo montage of all the places I will wear this jacket once it gets cold.

First up, we have the top of Mount Everest:

NYE, on stage with the bestie, Mariah:

On my next penguin research study:

Hell (Norway):

And last, but not least, the wall in northern Westeros:

Ahem, anyway.

Question for this post: WHAT ARCTIC DESTINATIONS HAVE I MISSED? Please let me know, so I can add it to my coat-wearing bucket list. Who knows, maybe I’ll do an updated post with more destinations. #travelblogger


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