Some of you loving readers may remember: the googly eyes mask. Dun dun dun!


But we’re past that now. It’s time to evolve. Now, I must give credit where credit is due – except I have no idea where credit is due! Who started the embellished tights trend? I know there’s plenty of etsy sellers with stunning, over-the-top embellished tights. Lirika Matoshi, in particular, is well-known for their embellished tights. However, we won’t be doing anything that fancy today. No, my goal is much simpler and much more focused: we must create googly eye tights.


If you clicked on this thinking it would be anything more than me telling you to stick some googly eyes of a pair of fishnets, I’m sorry to disappoint you. That’s exactly what I did.

TIP: USE A PIECE OF CARDBOARD, DON’T be lazy like me and use a left-over amazon mailer.

Also, I’d recommend something like E-6000 Glue. However, I used this “Shoe Goo” because in my delirium, I thought it was my E-600 glue. Turns out I don’t have any E-6000. Shoe Goo worked anyway.

Anyway, I just created a simple diamond pattern, and altered each row’s placement.

One side done!

And to ensure that both sides were even (they are not) I put the tights on and began to stick them on while wearing it. This is how I stopped the glue from getting on my leg.

Did this method work? Of course not. Somehow, my tights are still slightly uneven unless I align them perfectly when they’re on. 

Effin’ communists. Annnywaaay….here they are in all their glory!

So the saga continues…but what will be next, you ask? It’s up for you to decide!

Googly eye…


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