Aries are the best, sorry: a haul

Fuck paying retail.

What’s up people? It’s KNURLY. Your friendly neighborhood type-A, fiery, mental, and stubborn Aries. By the time this post goes up, I suspect it will be way past Aries season (yup, I was right). If not, good on me for keeping up with my blog. Anyway, I did way too much shopping around my birthday and so of course I need to share it with you. Listen, I haven’t posted any full thrift hauls yet, so you don’t know what a cheap-ass I really am. Some of these prices hurt – but trust me, I’m still the queen of deals.

But first: Let’s talk about how this is the day that my bank card was getting declined. You can read more about that here. But just imagine you’re trying to find something cute and you have to drive all the way home to grab the $140 bucks you never deposited in your bank account (due to laziness). But hey, I guess my laziness paid off this time. You also have no idea if your account is simply frozen because of you or because someone tried to suck it dry and that’s terrifying.

Anyway…With only 40 minutes before the mall closed, I finally gave in and joined my friend at Urban Outfitters. I can’t disguise my disdain for some of their controversies and business practices – so we’re not even going to go there. These were 40% off clearance.

UO dresses

Original: $89.00, Sale: $49, Final price: $29.40

Original: $59.00, Sale: $29, Final price: $17.40

Normally I’d scream at spending that much money on only two items – but hey, I figured I just saved about 100 dollars from the original price and 30 dollars from the sale prices.

Thrift store dresses

This photo is so shit, my apologizes

Brand: F21. Original: $6.99, Sale price: $3.49

If you’re tall-ish like I am, it’s impossible to find dresses that hit the floor. This dress accomplishes just that. I love the “straps,” they’re mean to hang off the shoulder.

No tags or brand. Original: $3.99, Sale Price: $1.99

This dress looks and feels kind of cheap, but in an endearing way. I can throw it on and not care what happens to it. Plus it’s light-weight for summer.

Other Stuff: 

Headband: 15.99 + shipping, from Etsy

I wore this to my birthday dinner. 10/10 recommend being extra.

Folter shirt

$28 with shipping. Worth it? I’m not sure. It was an impulse buy.

Yeah so funny story, I saw this shirt at a sex shop…umm…and I like it, for non-sex purposes. Anyway, it was cheaper online even with shipping. I love the double side slits.

(Faux) Leather Jacket – can you say SCORE?

I kinda love Lord and Taylor. I kind of don’t love the prices. When I saw this BLANKNYC jacket for  136 dollars off the original price, I grabbed it.

I love the clean lines on the back. Here’s a better photo of that:

This photo is from Nordstrom Rack. Click here to purchase.

What a marvelous little detail.
Original: $168

Sale: $33 and free shipping. Hurray!

In other news, I’m super behind on my blog. And thank you for reading – tell me, what was your favorite find? And what’s the best sale or deal you’ve gotten recently? I have much more to come, as well as a birthday OOTD.



8 thoughts on “Aries are the best, sorry: a haul”

    1. Isn’t it awesome!? I’m such a sucker for leather jackets.
      It’s actually still in stock, I think only size small left at Lord and Taylor.

      Thanks for commenting!



    1. Oh my lawd thank you! I think my personality makes me even more of a cheap bitch. 😛
      Thanks for commenting. Really excited to have found your blog!



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