Of course, embarrassment requires shame, a characteristic of which I am lacking. I may look like an adult, drive, attend college, and file taxes, but that doesn’t mean I ever grew up. It started out as an innocent walk through a park in an attempt to kill time before my evening plans, that is, until I realized I could force my friend into taking OOTD photos for me. It was quite gloomy that day unfortunately.

Click for larger view!Knurly!Click for larger view!ย 

But then came the playground which I could not keep myself off. Don’t worry, there were no kids here…besides me.


And then I dominated this fake rock. It was super dangerous to climb. I persevered.

And then came the realization that I could pick up this broken no trespassing sign, which I promptly raised over my head in defiance of property laws. I’m a bad American.

Because this is Knurly, and we don’t take ourselves too seriously here.

Shoes: Gifted!

Everything else: Thrifted! (no significant brands)