Fat In England: A Travel Diary

*First off I’d like to thank everyone who has followed my blog! I really appreciate it.

Welcome to the first travel diary! I spent over a week in England during the Summer of 2016 (and then a few days in Iceland). It’s scary how long ago that trip was. It was my first “big” trip, spanning roughly two weeks total. I’m almost crying at the fact that this trip will be two years old this summer! Yeek! Where did the time go?

However, I won’t be detailing anything specific in this post, because I feel the title needs some explaining. First of all, it would be a total waste not to blog about my past travel experiences. It’s content I’ve already created! Second, I wasn’t really “fat,” so to speak. However, I was definitely overweight at this point in my life. I had gained 40 pounds my freshman year after losing 15 pounds when my ex dumped me over the summer. It wasn’t a very consistent time in my life for weight. Surely but slowly over the first two semesters I jumped from my lowest to my highest weight.

Taken less than one month before my trip by a friend

The gain wouldn’t have been as huge of a deal if I had managed to lose some of that weight BEFORE the biggest trip of my life. I didn’t. When I look back on the pictures I took of myself atop a grassy knoll, or next to Stonehenge, I’m simply reminded of how much I weighed. My weight put somewhat of a damper on my happy memories. I remember feeling ugly and insecure.

But let’s make this more positive: I don’t weigh as much anymore. I don’t have to feel guilty about how much I weigh either. Why should my previous weight stop me from remembering how much fun I had while traveling? I think it’s time to scratch off the film of insecurity that’s been plastered on top of my memories.

I want to ask all of you: have you ever gone on a trip or did something else significant in your life before losing weight? Did you regret not losing the weight beforehand? Maybe it was your wedding, or your high school prom. Did you find it difficult to separate the joy of the occasion with the negativity that surrounded it, or do you think it’s important we never forget the reality of our lives? I’d like to know.


8 thoughts on “Fat In England: A Travel Diary”

  1. I’ve looked back at photos and wished I weighed a bit less during that amazing photo opportunity…but now I try not to let it bother me. I mean, that version of you was just as awesome as the current skinnier you! She kicked ass and managed to travel the world. You might gain some weight in the future too, but you’ll still be you, and still be amazing. 🙂

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        1. For me it’s instagram! It’s an endless resource of photogenic good-looking people with nice bodies (and somehow lots of money to buy expensive protein powder and expensive gym clothes).

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  2. We have all had those times we look back on and cringe in terms of appearance. But the appearance should never define the memory. I like to look back and instead of seeing all the things I wish I could change (but can’t), look at the beauty in the journey. We have all come so far in one way or another, so for me, focusing on the positive doesn’t rob me of the joy of that moment.

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  3. Your life isn’t weighed in pounds, it’s weighed in happiness! I love this blog so much, travel and crafts is exactly what I love doing too. Most teenagers nowadays suffer from anxiety and I’m here, we’re here, to help get through it together.
    Your blogger friend Erin xx

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    1. Aw thank you for the kind words! Haha don’t forget shopping, I love that too. (a little too much). It’s unfortunate how many people suffer from mental illness but all we can do is support one another.


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