Watch Me: Knurly

Life is a learning process. I want to learn, grow, cultivate, and experience. This blog is ultimately a written reflection of the learning process. Obviously, there are many things in life that I won’t blog about. This isn’t a deep reflections blog, it’s a lighter blog aimed at fashion, style, crafting, and travel. It’s part of my creative outlet, the same function that many blogs serve many bloggers.

The mistake I made with my last blog was I was trying to make interesting content. But it felt forced to me. This time around, I’m going to blog about things I want to blog about. It also gives me a reason to do the things I want to do! I want to craft, write, and travel. For whatever reason, I seldom force myself to take up these endeavors. It didn’t make sense to me at first: why would anybody not spend their free time doing what they want when there is nothing stopping them? I believe it is a a fear of failure. What happens when I finally take my first trip (without my family) and it isn’t everything I wanted it to be? What if I try to create something and I end up ruining the fabric or the piece I was trying to alter? What if I write a book, my ultimate life goal, and it sucks? What if I never get published? I guess this is an apt time to mention I have an anxiety disorder, so these thought are only amplified in my mind.

I have this undying vision of how I want my life to look. I think many people do. Much of my life I’ve been too scared to try and reach for my dreams. There’s been a giant roadblock standing in my way. I don’t want to live like that anymore. Nobody has a perfect life, but some of us are alive and others are living. I’d like to position myself in the latter. I don’t need to constantly be jumping out of planes, traveling to remote corners of the world, or eating at 5-star restaurants every weekend to be living. I just have to do more of what I love.

Follow me, and watch me learn how to enjoy my life more. Are you on a similar journey? Maybe we can keep each other accountable.


6 thoughts on “Watch Me: Knurly”

  1. Love this! Glad to see other people in a similar position as me. Write from the heart, be yourself, do what you love! I’m rooting for you, and look forward to future posts!

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